Chitta Mahato Memorial College

Vill + P.O. - Jargo, Dist.: Purulia,

West Bengal 723212

Affiliated to Sidho Kanho Birsha University

Code of Conduct for Student

Every student has to strictly follow the code of conduct framed by the college authority:

1. Ragging and eve-teasing are forbidden by the law. The Hon'ble Supreme Court has ruled out that ragging is a criminal offence.

2. Without wearing the college id card, none of the student is allowed to enter in the college premises.

3. Destroying the College Property, furniture, buildings, labs, defacing wall are serious offences.

4. Students are forbidden to sit on the steps.

5. The corridors of building, library block, verandah in front of the classrooms are not meant for assembling and chatting. Please treat them as silent zone.

6. Indiscipline should not be indulged by unruly behaviour.

7. No student is allowed to loiter outside the classroom or anywhere in the college premises during class hours. (In case any teacher is absent, the students are advised to spend the time in the library or in the common room).

8. Violence, grouping, class clashes etc., should not be encouraged by the students.

9. Outsiders are strictly prohibited inside the college premises during college hours. However, In case of urgent business, prior permission of the Principal must be taken.

10. Smoking, taking drugs, alcoholic drinks, carrying of lethal weapons and bursting crackers are not allowed inside the college premises.

11. Identity Card should be carried by the students always.

12. Students must maintain decent and cordial relationship with the faculty and staff and amongst themselves.

13. Do not stick any poster or scribble anything on the walls of the college building.

14. Do not adopt malpractices in the examination hall.

15. Maintain the sanctity of a co-educational college